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Homely locations for

The feeling of working from home, but still physically together

Maximize chemistry in meetings Telework is (partly due to Corona) established in professional life. But team spirit only becomes more important. Companies can make a difference by maximizing the chemistry between colleagues in a smart way at the right times.

Intensive and focused physical collaboration

Working from home is cozy and feels comfortable. Meeting-out therefore combines the feeling of working from home with intensive and focused physical collaboration.

Rent a (private) home as a meeting room

Companies can rent small-scale meeting locations with a warm, homely, casual and informal atmosphere. Completely private and opportunity for relaxation.

A passive income without hassle

Your home is only used during the day, there are no strict rules for overnight stays, you must not be in a tourist area and companies cannot afford to be a monkey in your house.

From The Blog

Our love letter to hassle-free, informal and physical meetings

Hey everyone

I’m Joachim, CEO here at Meeting-out.

Meetings get a bad rap, but that shouldn’t (always) be the case. Some meetings are a treasure.

It feels great to physically and informally sit together with a team, undistracted, and think up new strategies, ideas, approaches, ways of working, and so forth. Or learn from each other (or a trainer). Or get everyone up to speed on how it's going and riff on ideas and get honest feedback...

But more often than not, meetings don't feel that great.

You know the phenomena. Growing companies start having long and formal meetings, each time with different attendees. To then conclude that at the end of the meeting nothing was decided or even worse, nobody remembers what the goal of the meeting was.

And although people learned to enjoy the benefits of homeworking through COVID, it also taught us that long remote meetings are extreme energy burners.

So meetings feel like a chore, rather than a joy. Something you have to be in. Something you do, not cherish. Rather than delight in it, you deal with it.

With Meeting-out, we did a dust-off. It’s a redo, a rethink, a simplified reintroduction of physical and effective meetings that lead to results in a post-COVID era.

Just like eating out with your spouse, friends or family can rejuvenate relationships, meeting out will rejuvenate the passion in the team and bring results you never thought were possible.

Meeting-out is our love letter to hassle-free, informal, physical meetings that lead to results. 

Joachim Lasoen